My Intro

So, to start off with, a little about myself and my little fitness/nutrition journey.  My name is Tui and am 36 years young.  I know many of my friends and family will be super surprised to find me here.  Currently Im 6’2”, weighing around 211.  I am married with a beautiful wife and 5 beautiful children.  These 6 people are the primary reason why I chose to start lifting weights, and eating different.  Heres a little bit about my journey so far.


I have never been super overweight. I have always been an athlete and participated in various sports at various levels.  I never did think about real training and nutrition until around late 2011.  At that time, I was still an alcoholic. I didn’t think twice about what I ate, so long as I could get to my next softball game, or get out on the court to play some hoops.  Once I realized that maybe that wasn’t an optimal lifestyle for me, I knew something had to change.


That year was a time for man changes.  I started training and learning about training by watching YouTube. A whole lot of YouTube!!!  From Marc Lobliner, to the Hodgetwins and a lot of the mess in between.  I do got to say, I did learn quite a bit, if I do say so myself, in the past 5ish years. I went through bulking phases, to cutting phases. I went vegan just to say I did it. All the while, I barely touched this while ketogenic diet.  I do admit though, it always had peaked my interest.  Anyways, I made obvious changes in body composition, knew how to manipulate my body to create an outcome that was pleasing to me. On the flipside of that, it was rough.


Countless hours doing cardio.  Straining on low carb, low fat diets trying to create a “better” me. Not realizing how taxing that was to my overall health.  I would count macros daily to hit certain numbers. Weigh every little thing I ate for it seems like forever.  Weighing myself every single day. I’ve come to a point in my life where I realized that I need to let go of these things and stop worrying about them.


Every day seemed like I had some kind of illness in my gut. I knew for a long time that something in my diet needed to change, so I started researching gut health, and just diets in general for better health.  That’s when Keto entered in again.  Now at the time I am writing this, I have only been eating Keto for a week, but I can already attest to some of the benefits I have experienced.  I cant believe I don’t have craving, and I am rarely hungry.  I do admit, I am still checking my macros until I get used to the amount of food Im supposed to be eating, but its been easier on me. I just feel more balanced.


In saying that, I invite you to follow me on this journey, jump on board yourself if you want. You can see my ups and downs.  I will keep you updated with comparisons in strength on Keto vs off, and also take tabs on my weight from time to time.


Thanks for checking out my Blog and stay tuned for more content to come soon.