The Day After

Yesterday, we celebrated Easter with my wife’s side of the family.  It was filled with games, laughter and of course, food. The spread was right on, Hawaiian food. For a person striving to live every day in ketosis, this isn’t too bad.  Local grinds normally come down to a few main staples; kalua pork, chicken long rice, squid luau and poke (raw fish).  Oh, and had some smoked meat, Looking at the layout of thing I already knew that it may be a day that I over do it on protein, but I didn’t see what was inside the house.


I walked inside and saw all my favorites! Snickers, Hersheys cookies and cream, and my all-time favorite, Reeses peanut butter cups but in the egg shape.  Little bit off the main subject, but the Easter and Christmas cups are by far my favorite! The peanut butter to chocolate ratio is on point! Anyways, knowing that, I ate one after another of whatever was in front of me, including various cakes and pies (even pizza) that my wife dropped in front of me.


Honestly, I didn’t feel like a failure or anything like I thought I might by going all in with the sugar, but rather I felt just normal. It was nice to sit there and relax, and visit with family without counting macros, or trying to take anything off my plate. As we got later in the evening I came to a point where I just knew I was stuffed and just called it quits.


Now I sit here the day after. I really expected to feel a lot worse than I do.  I pictured this big hangover type of effect, but so far it’s only been a little stomach irritation, some awkward bowel movements and that’s it.  I was able to train early this morning, like normal. I didn’t get the extra pump in the gym that I thought I would. Only thing I did differently in the gym today was add some tabata training to the end of my workout as cardio.  In my head that’s moving all the glycogen again, but we shall see.  I think the only real change I’ve noticed is that my abs got mad at me and are trying to hide now. Even my appetite still feels at bay. What I should have done is checked weight before and after, but oh well.


Today is a new day. Back to straight keto we go. I feel like I may be fasted most of the day just because I don’t feel much of an appetite so far. I will probably dink a ton of water and try to flush my system but other than that, I think I’m good to go. Hopefully I can get back into ketosis within the next couple days, and use the rest of this fat for energy!


I’ll give you an update within the next couple days.