Am I in Ketosis?

Well, its day two of post Easter eats, and I’ve grown curious about how fast my body can jump back into ketosis. So today became an experimental day.  I was at Walmart and decided to pick up some Keto test strips.  These are a form of test strips used to measure your body’s ketone level through urinalysis.


Reli On Ketone Strips

The only ones that were available were from the brand Reli On and I purchased them for just under $7.  The directions were pretty straight forward. Dip the end of the strip in to a cup of urine, then pull it out quickly and take a reading exactly 15 seconds after removal. Let’s just say, I am not about to waste a cup for this so I just got a little on there, shook off any access in the toilet, then checked the reading.


My results
My Wifes results

To my surprise the strip said I had small to moderate reading of ketones. I had my wife do a sample as well to give me a base. Her results did come out negative as expected. At this point I felt great. My diet is right back on track and getting back to utilizing fat for energy.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I do understand that this isn’t the most accurate test out there. It was, however, the most readily available.  I will be looking into other forms of testing with other methods. Then we all can see what readings work best.  Ive heard of tests where you take blood samples.  Others that test through your breath.  I want to use all of these methods to see what variables will effect ketone levels.


If you know of any studies like this, please leave a comment below.