Cutting with Keto

Its about that time! I feel comfortable with this diet/lifestyle where I am going to attempt to do a cut.

Kind of funny, because as I writing this, I’m eating a bowl of cereal. My family and I have had a couple different events (weddings, birthdays etc…) over the past couple days, so I wasn’t about to be singled out. When I looked at my calendar to see what else we might have come up, I didn’t see anything. That’s when I figured itd be a good time to experiment with cutting on keto.


Cutting in general is a method used, where basically you are gradually cutting calories over a period of time. Ive read and watched videos over and over again about the benefits of keto, and how so many people lost weight and so of, but I didn’t see anyone really laying out how they did it. I am used to basically keeping high protein and restricting carbs and fats so this could get tricky for me.


This cut is only going to be for about 5 weeks. I will apply basic cutting methods with keto style macros. Im planning on cutting out anything caffeinated, which is going to be rough! Only because I love the purple Monster Zeros! Caffeine doesn’t have a huge effect on me, but I love the flavor of those drinks!!!! I will also be documenting a lot of my meals, but just a warning, it could become boring and repetitive. Check out my Instagram or Snapchat for daily updates.


I will be tracking macros over these next few weeks. My beginning weight will most likely be not what I would consider a true weight because I have been hammering in some carbs today. My starting macros will be:


Fat: 130

Protein: 185

Carbs: Under 30 net (maybe 60 total)


I don’t know what to expect, but I feel like weight may drop very fast. I want to see how this experience compares to a normal cut that involved a low fat low carb regiment. Over the past month Ive only half way been counting my keto macros, but even then I have been around 230 fat grams per day. We will see how this works out.


Like I say everytime, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment on this bloh, or find me on facebook, twitter or Instagram and comment there. All usernames are @ketohawaii.